The characteristics of the female body make men completely collapsed

Possessing these characteristics on the body, a woman can conquer any man in a moment

One of the dark hobbies of men is watching women. Many people often think that men will think of sex when looking at the female body, but according to the scientific explanation, the secret reason of men is actually "clearer" than that.
According to Business Insider, when looking at a certain shade of pink, men will have an implicit assessment of the woman's fertility. Men will be attracted to women who possess physical characteristics that show good health and fertility.
In other words, a woman who has the ideal characteristics that shows the ability to produce healthy children, they will become more attractive than ever in the eyes of men. In Jav Hot The following are the physical characteristics of women that have been scientifically proven to be of great attraction to men.
1. The waist to hip ratio is 7:10
The waist and hips are related to a woman's fertility. For men, large hips will be a sign of fertility. This also explains why men often prefer women with small waists and large hips. Women with a waist-to-hip ratio of 7:10 will be more attractive to men.
3. Smile
Happy people are always the ones who have great charisma, especially when they are women. Science also says that people with white teeth will be more attractive to men.

4. High voice
A study has said that high voice evokes a youthful appearance and a feminine, petite body. These are very attractive traits for men.
5. Healthy hair
Long, sleek, long hair is considered a sign of health and fertility. This is also one of the characteristics in women that can knock down men quickly.
6. Less makeup
Women often look to cosmetics as an effective tool to make them more beautiful. However men do not think so. According to scientific evidence, men prefer women who use 40% less cosmetics than others.
6. Wearing red clothes
It is not natural that red symbolizes hot human desires. Scientists have shown that red suits can increase attractiveness in women. This is also evident in some animals other than humans.

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